Our years of experience, coupled with advanced technology have now placed us among the leaders in the leather industry. Today, and as always we promote prized craftsmanship, an obsession for experience handiwork and the best of resources to create our preferred signature styles. Our products are exported throughout the world, mainly to Europe and Japan, where they are showcased by our clients. Our patrons comprise of people who appreciate quality leather and also our efforts to produce them in an environment friendly manner.

We firmly believe that creativity works best when it is supported by technology. So, we have constantly reviewed our setup and upgraded the facilities to create products that are even better than our own past creations. But, of course, without letting go of traditional methods of working that add the very special touch to the finished products. This constant desire to better our own results has rewarded us with a niche clientele.

Therefore, we welcome you to explore our products to see for yourself how the constant attention to details and continuous learning and upgrading of facilities benefits our offering to you as the client and the user.

For more information on how we can help and support you with your current / next project, write to us at info@sibrama.com.