The Sibrama Way

how we work

Understanding your product needs

Everchanging mood boards from designers across global OEM’s demand continuous innovation in raw materials and processes resulting in exclusive product ranges. This is what keeps the wheel of development moving around the year and years altogether at Sibrama Newage. We welcome new ideas and challenges and appreciate your quest for quality. With 30 years of experience behind us, we are able to quickly and effortlessly understand specifications in order to focus on and deliver the crux of your product requirements and needs.

Seamless order processing

Our work begins the moment a query or specification is received via email, phone or through a meeting. After establishing a one-point servicing contact and due diligence, our sampling team gets to work developing precise samples that match, meet and exceed expectations. Right through production and eventual dispatch of goods, constant updates are provided on the status of orders. We respect your time – Sibrama Newage has a record of timely deliveries and customer satisfaction is a matter of pride for each member of Team Sibrama Newage.

sibrama Newage

a constant pursuit of innovation

Explorative Surface Effects​

New materials, New processes​​

Exquisite Finishing & Detailing​

Staying up-to-date with Technological developments in the watch strap industry​

Colour, design and accessory trends​

Since 1988

Product R&D, Design and Innovation

One of the high points of Sibrama Newage is our constant devotion to Product Research & Development, which carries on at all time – an unrelenting activity followed scrupulously without a break. Our team of in-house designers and engineers are constantly updated by the latest technological developments in the watch straps and leather goods industry. Employing the available infrastructure at Sibrama Newage to its best, they are able to constantly develop new tools, processes, surface effects, finishing and details that can further the level of innovation, design and quality we are so used to. Colour, design and accessory trends are also followed closely in order to stay updated with global consumer, markets and industry. Eventually, this pursuit of R&D leads to betterment and relevance in the products and capabilities we offer to our partners.